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Amazon gives KDP authors amazing promotional tools, including the option to temporarily set their book for free. There are dozens of promotional sites that are available to submit free books to. Researching and submitting to all of them is time consuming. It could take days easily lead to mistakes. Worn Key Press automates the process and submits it to the best ones in minutes.

4 Easy Steps

Complete Your Profile

Fill in a few simple fields, including your Amazon author page.

Populate From Amazon

Press one button to have all your books imported from Amazon.

Complete Book Info

Fill in a few remaining fields, including the day of your book's free promotion.

Submit Books

Select the prepared books and click submit to send them to over 30 different promotional sites.

Automated Submission to 30+ Sites

Book Bongo

EBooks Habit

Its Write Now

Zwoodle Books

Awesome Gang

Preety Hot

Free Booksy

The Kindle Book Review

Free Kindle

Discount Book Man

Kindle Book Promos

Free Books For Me

Content Mo

Book Praiser

Frugal Freebies

Indie Book Of The Day

Book Circle

Book Angel

Read Freely

Armadillo Books

Book Of The Day

Book Circle

Book Zio

Ebook Mountain

Free 99 Books

Free Books

Good Ebooks


New Free Kindle Books

The Reader Cafe

I was spending hours to do this by hand--and half the sites were no longer registered. WornKeyPress did it all for me in seconds.

-Mike S.

Omg, this service was the best. When I wanted my book read by bizillions of peeps, I would spend a week searching for sites and submitting. This site did it all for me.

-J. L. H.

Once I figured out my ASIN, I was halfway to submitting my book to all the sites. I gained hundred of book downloads from only a few clicks.

-Richard C.